Reminiscence : The life and teachings of Dr. Anisuzzaman

The passing of National Professor Dr. Anisuzzaman on 14 May 2020 is an enormous loss of an engaged public intellectual and an eminent scholar. He was a Trustee of the Bengal Foundation and Chair of the Board of Editors of Kali O Kalam, an acclaimed Bengali literary journal. He was also a founding Trustee of the Gyantapas Abdur Razzaq Foundation, a premier institution of intellectual excellence.

Dr. Anisuzzaman has always been an inspiration to us, and he will forever be remembered for his moral leadership, and as a voice for democracy and social justice. His research and scholarship, intellectual rigour, and his literary and academic engagements, had made him a revered figure in the region.

Bengal Foundation arranged an online three-part memorial meet celebrating the many facets of Dr. Anisuzzaman’s teachings, his interests and accomplishments. The first of these sessions will have speakers discussing Dr. Anisuzzaman’s scholarly research and his role as an educator.

The second session will focus on his political conscience and involvement with rights movements. The discussion at the final session, will examine his contribution to the arts and literature.

Session 1: Scholarly research and role as an educator


  • Dr. Ahrar Ahmed, Director-General, Gyantapas Abdur Razzaq Foundation
  • Professor Gulam Mustafa, Department of Bengali, University of Chittagong
  • Dr. Biswajit Ray, Department of Bengali, Visva-Bharati, Santiniketan
  • Dr. Biswajit Ghosh, Vice-Chancellor, Rabindra University, Shahjadpur
  • Dr. Debapriya Bhattacharya, Economist and Distinguished Fellow, CPD
  • Dr. Pabitra Sarkar, former Vice-Chancellor, Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata
  • Mr. Jamil Choudhury, Compiler and Editor of Bengali dictionary published by Bangla Academy
  • Mr. Abul Khair, Chair, Bengal Foundation, will welcome the participants.

Coordinator: Ms. Luva Nahid Choudhury, Director-General, Bengal Foundation

The programme will be broadcast on 14 June 2020, at 6 pm BST on Bengal Foundation’s YouTube channel and Facebook.

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