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Kali O Kalam

Kali O Kalam, is a Bengali arts and letters monthly which aims to fulfill the important task of roping in leading Bengali writers, novelists, essayists and poets, and providing important exposure to young literary talents, as well as connecting Bengali readers to new streams of literary discourse. In its championing of contemporary fiction, and drawing out women’s writing through original, thought-provoking works, Kali O Kalam is determined to witness the world. The magazine is interested in emerging writers writing in the Bengali language from around the world, and in presenting contemporary fiction in foreign languages, to a Bengali readership.
Continued solicitation of high-quality critical prose and new poetry, memoirs, interviews, letters, popular science, serialised novels, short stories, essays on travel, music, and cinema, and incisive reviews of books and art events, have helped Kali O Kalam reach new heights.
The magazine aims to attain the best standards in printing and design. Kali O Kalam’s beautifully illustrated pages and the elegant cover featuring an artwork by a regional artist, is a hallmark of the magazine.

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