Bengal Publishing Programme

Bengal Publications

Bengal Publications, the publishing wing of the Foundation, was first introduced in the country to promote talented authors and quality writing, while encouraging readership. It is committed in publishing quality, experimental and creative writing from Bangladesh and around the world.
Alongside publishing quality novels every year, Bengal Publications also publishes Six Seasons Review, a bi-annual literary journal in April and November. The journal is committed to publishing some of the best English language writing from South East Asian region and abroad, publishing a wide variety of content, including poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, dramas, critical essays, belles-lettres, translations and other arts.
In 2003, the Foundation launched Jamini, the country’s first international arts magazine. Jamini has focused on a number of topics ranging from Folk and Indigenous Art (2003), Cinema and Identity (2009), Textile Arts (2015) to the last published issue which focused on Music as an Artform (2017).

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