Born in 1956 in Punjab, India, Sidharth started painting sign boards while still at school, but later progressed by learning the Thangka painting technique from the Thibetan monks at Dharmashala, where he spent six years. Eager to learn different techniques, he studied glass blowing in Sweden, techniques of Madhubani paintings, Kashmir Papier-mâché Crafts and other south Asian and oriental techniques from various master craftsmen.

His journey into mysticism began from early childhood. For him, each painting should hold a very personal, spiritual experience for the viewer. Sidharth produces his own pigments from natural vegetable sources and minerals, clays, organic chromatics and inorganic pigments. The checkered life and predilections of the highly driven artist, thinker and musician, born and reborn from a vagabond to a Buddhist monk and finally an artist of international repute, seem to have influenced the metaphors of his art and shape his aesthetics. He is the author of Neti Neti and has made fifteen documentaries on Indian Temples, Art and Architecture.


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