Sabyasachi Mistry

Sabyasachi Mistry, born in 1980, graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts of Dhaka University. He has established himself  as a Concept Artist, Illustrator, Character Designer and has published illustrations in countless books by esteemed publishers, including training and awareness materials for international development agencies like BCCP, UNICEF, Room to Read, Save the Children, Tdh-Italy, OXFAM GB and numerous others. His illustrations have been commissioned by almost all the major Bengali and English newspapers.

He has undergone training with Ram Mohan, Neil McKee, and Barbara Kolacky, the masterminds behind the Meena project. Sabyasachi has mastered the art of illustration using all conceivable media, be it traditional brush on paper or cutting-edge modern digital media.He is committed to developing other artists by sharing his skill and knowledge through workshops and training.


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