Arham-ul-Huq Chowdhury

Arham-ul-Huq Chowdhury is currently completing his PhD in architectural anthropology at Dhaka University. His thesis is entitled “Architectures at the cross roads of time” a study of life evolving in the old houses of Dhaka in the pre-partition period.

Arham has been involved in the arts from his childhood. His interests range from painting to landscape and interior design. He writes regularly on art, heritage, environment, and has been a regular columnist on art and gardening for a major weekly. Arham-ul-Huq Chowdhury has had several solo exhibitions in various media. A few of these were unique and the firsts of their kind in Bangladesh, such as the exhibitions on Bangla calligraphy.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2005 :: From the Ashes – Solo scrap metal sculpture exhibition, Bengal Gallery of Fine Arts, Dhaka
:: Faces – a series of batik work done in natural dye, Essentials, Dhaka
2002 :: Bangla Calligraphy Exhibition, Essentials, Dhaka
:: Bangla Calligraphy Exhibition (in celebration of the 5oth anniversary of the Language Movement), Bangla Academy and Drik Gallery, Dhaka
2001 :: Hrosso – Life in the Infinitesimal, A Bonsai exhibition of native plants, Bengal Gallery of Fine Arts, Dhaka
2000 :: Bangla Calligraphy Exhibition, Goethe Institut, Dhaka
1999 :: Art Furniture Exhibition, Drik Gallery, Dhaka
1995 :: Designed and Hand Painted Furniture and Pottery Exhibition, Alliance Francaise de Dacca

Selected Workshops

“Designing Tomorrow” workshop on fashion design, conducted by a British fashion design teacher, organized by the British Council Dhaka.

“Designing Tomorrow” workshop on furniture design, conducted by a British furniture designer, organized by the British Council Dhaka.

“Ebru” workshop on the Turkish form of marbling art, conducted by Turkish artist Hikmet Barutcugil, organized by the Bengal Foundation.

Present position

Freelance artist / landscape & interior designer


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