Asian Curatorial Forum

With participants coming from 12 Asian countries, the Asian Curatorial Forum ambitions to bring fresh perspectives on shared issues in the field of art curating across the continent. It is conceived as an unconventional platform of exchange between visual arts professionals operating in a wide range of contexts, from independent artists-run spaces to large, publicly funded art institutions.

The 4 thematic discussions of the Forum will address important challenges curators are facing today in Asia. Presentations of selected art initiatives in Bangladesh will take place before each session to anchor the discussions within the local context of the country.

The Asian Curatorial Forum is jointly organised by Bengal Foundation and Britto Arts Trust (Bangladesh) in partnership with the Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts and the National Culture and Arts Foundation (Taiwan).

For more details and to register, please visit Please note that the access to the forum will be granted only upon registration.

11.00 am to 1.30 pm

Curatorial Panel 1
A question of perspective: Scale and perimeter of action

3.00 pm to 5.30 pm
Curatorial Panel 2:
Zoom in/zoom out, transcending the local context

11.00 am to 1.30 pm

Curatorial Panel 3
Shaping new conversations: Research and exhibitions

2.30 pm:
Visit to prominent art institutions in Dhaka

11.00 am to 1.30 pm

Curatorial Panel 4
Old narratives and new perspectives

3.00 pm to 5.30 pm
Final Session: Outline of the discussions and conclusions


* Umair Badeeu, Artist & Curator, Mal
* Jin Geun Cho, Head of Exhibition Team, MMCA, Seoul
* Nhu Huy Nguyen, Founder, Zero StationHo Chi Minh City
*Sharmini Pereira, Founder & Director, Raking Leaves, Colombo
*Zarmeene Shah, Assistant Director & Curator, Mohatta Palace Museum, Karachi
*Vidya Shivadas, Director, FICA, Delhi
*Haema Sivanesan, Curator & Adviser, Bengal Foundation, Dhaka
*Takamori Nobuo, Curator, Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei
*Sangeeta Thapa, Founder, Kathmandu Triennale, Kathmandu
*Lian Heng Yeoh, Founder, Lostgens, Kuala Lumpur
*Nien Pu Alice Ko, Independent Curator, Taipei
*Tayeba Begum Lipi, Founder, Britto Arts Trust, Dhaka
*Pichaya Suphavanij, Head of Exhibitions, Bangkok Art & Culture Centre, Bangkok
*Feng Feng, Course Director, Guanzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Guanzhou
Entry condition: upon registration at –

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