My Words

Syed Hasan Mahmud

For over 30 years, my practice of art has been in abstract form. My first artworks were mainly based on basic forms and textures, and the media I used was oil color. After working with oil color for many days, I have worked with water color for 6 years since 1992. Instead of resorting to traditional methods of using water color, I chose to experiment with it. The result of such work brought a kind of joy that I could not express in words. At that stage, my artworks involved many geometric forms. From then onwards and till today, I have been using acrylic media in my work. I executed the first few paintings in this media in geometric forms. I completed all the paintings in my studio. At the Art Camp organized by Bengal Foundation in 2010, I was greatly influenced by the natural beauty and landscape of the place. In the open space, the manifestation of my expressions gave a new meaning to the theme and aspect of my works. In today’s world, various instabilities: natural disasters, political unrests, depletion of human values, etc. continuously make our lives restless. The type of news that our Social Media covers every day leaves us in utter despair. I do not want to portray the negative aspects of society on my canvas. I want to bring out a moment of peace and relief on my canvas. So the theme of my recent paintings is primarily – ‘Nature’. I spent my childhood in Larmini Street, Wari and grew up in Dhaka city. From my teenage years till date, I have been residing in Dhanmondi. I reminisce those days when Dhanmondi was an area shrouded with greeneries –amidst the copious amount of green, rose one or two storeyed houses. Every home had its own share of large fields and gardens where trees sprouted fruits and flowers. In front of my eyes, slowly and steadily, my Dhanmondi drastically transformed and it pains me deeply. The whole city has simply turned into a pile of concrete now. This is my 4th solo painting exhibition. Most of the paintings on display are centered around nature. And in this concrete city, the nature on my canvas is almost entirely colorless. I would like to end with a note of thanks to Mr. Durjoy Rahman Joy for his cooperation, which gave me strength to accomplish this exhibition.

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