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Ganesh Haloi’s recent abstract paintings

Ganesh Haloi is an artist of nature. That is his domain yet there is a lot more to his work. In search of nature’s essence, he redefined simplicity

Mother and Son; In Creative Harmony

As one enters the room, the harmony between the art on the wall and the driftwood sculptures on the floor is apparent

Farida Zaman in her Changing Moods

Farida developed a narrative around Sufia, a character symbolizing a common village woman, or sometimes an urban single mother


Bengal Gallery’s attempt at organizing ‘Awakening’ marks the return of the group, The Dhaka Printmakers

How do we know the dancer from the dance?

Carel’s dancers are moving to a more modern rhythm, they are emotive and sensual. He uses dance as a metaphor for human relationships

Life in Abstraction, Abstraction in Life The Artistic Journey of Biren Shome

In the current exhibition one can sense the matured Biren Shome, an artist incorporating four decades of personal and social transformation

Buddhist Sites and Art Heritage of South Asia

The photographer Benoy K Behl is a film-maker and art-historian who is known for his tireless and prolific output of work over the past 34 years

In Search of a Homeland

Azmeer Hossain has finally returned to Bangladesh, to his home of origin last year, ending his life in exile. The current exhibition showcases his work done in NY

Posthumous Aminul Islam for Young Artists:  A Laudable Incentive

Aminul’s faith in young talents had been unwavering. Partly due to his progressive political outlook and enterprising personality, Aminul was known to be a champion of the youth

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