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গোপাল ঘোষের ছবি

গোপাল ঘোষ চল্লি­শের দশকে অবয়বনির্ভর সমাজ-বাস্তবতা সৃজনে উৎকর্ষের ছাপ রেখেছিলেন। কাজের এ ধারা তাঁকে বিশিষ্ট করে তুলেছিল

Kalidas Karmakar: of Primordial Passions

Kalidas’ works are in essence about people, and his interest in the human situation is not just aesthetic, but spiritual

Kalidas Karmakar: Between Reality and Dream

A review of the transformation and development of Kalidas’s art convinces us firmly that he is a relentless experimentalist searching for the sublime

The Archeology of Relationships

Gunnysacks ravaged by time and discarded as waste, roughly sewn together and heavily splashed with paint, construct a fiercely lyrical vision of beauty and decay in Kazi Sayed’s paintings

Hyphanated Existence – Artist Statement

Even objects or pieces of clothing have a life of their own – as they are valued not only for their utility but for the relationship we develop with them

And The Florist Says “white Lily”

The title of the exhibition, ‘All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go’. Those dresses didn’t go anywhere -they were ready, looking beautiful and elegant, but remained inside the walls of the house

Inner landscapes

We once again see a selection of drawings and etchings of a typically personal nature. Ordinary belongings seem etched into the artist’s mind’s eye and positioned alongside strategic symbols

Pop Wallah

There is more to the works in this exhibition than composition and colour schemes, it is an artist’s attempt to understand the strange and complex world around him, by copying it, again and again


In painting and print alike, Hodgkin’s works are characterised by deep emotion and bold gesture

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