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LAUNCHED : THREE NEW TITLES AND A LITERARY JOURNAL Thursday 14 November to Saturday 16 November 2013
at Bangla Academy

Bengal Publications is proud to have launched three English books and a bi-annua

‘Conversion of Energy’ Shubho Saha (Bangladesh) Exhibition and Performance Friday 5 September to Saturday 6 September 2014
at Safiuddin Printmaking Studio

Shubho Saha is an inter-disciplinary artist, whose work is primarily printmak

Sophie Laure Negrin
at Safiuddin Printmaking Studio

French artist Sophie Laure Negrin is essentially a sculptor. The artist is c

Jogen Chowdhury at the Safiuddin Bengal Printmaking Studio
at Safiuddin Printmaking Studio

Renowned Indian artist Jogen Chowdhury recently visited the Safiuddin Bengal Pri

Young Artists at The Safiuddin Bengal Printmaking Studio
at Safiuddin Printmaking Studio

In light of the National Young Artist's Art Exhibition, upcoming young artists h


Safiuddin Printmaking Studio

house-60, road-7/A in Dhanmondi, Dhaka

Location Map

The Safiuddin Bengal Printmaking Studio was established in 2012 to make art more available and affordable. The Studio is named after the Bangladeshi pioneer in printmaking and currently located at house-60, road-7/A in Dhanmondi, Dhaka.

Printmaking is the creation of art by transferring ink from a metal plate or other matrix on to a sheet of paper. It has been gaining popularity as an art form in Bangladesh since the 1960s.

The prints produced in the Bengal Safiuddin Studio are available at the Bengal Gallery of Fine Arts, Bengal Art Lounge and Aranya.

The techniques used in printmaking include woodcutting, engraving, etching, mezzotint, aquatint, drypoint, and lithography.

The Safiuddin Printmaking Studio has four etching presses and a lithograph press, and it has introduced the use of copper sulphate salt bite for etching. Consequently, aluminium plates, as opposed to conventional zinc, copper or iron plates, are being used at the studio to bring down costs.

Etching machines
20 inches x 44 inches, 39 inches x 79 inches, 33 inches x 70 inches, 30 inches x 60 inches

Lithography machine
We use plate lithography
Machine bed size: 34 inches x 70 inches

Dust box
We use resin dust to get aqua grain on the intaglio plate.
37 inches x 25 inches

Acid tray
36 inches x 28 inches (2 available), 30 inches x 18 inches (2 available), 22 inches x 16 inches (2 available)

Paper locker
Drawer size: 43 inches x 55 inches, 43 inches x 33 inches

Paper rack
Tray size: 44 inch x 32 inches

Hot plate
37 inches

Viscosity roller sizes: length 14 inches and diameter 17 inches (soft), length 22 inches and diameter 23 inches (medium), length 22 inches and diameter 23 inches (hard)

Paper damping sink
47 inches x 41 inches

Washing sink
43 inches x 33 inches

Fabriano cotton 28 inches x 19 inches, source cotton 34 inches x 21 inches, Chinese paper 30 inches x 21 inches, local paper 44 inches x 33 inches, Swiss board 44 inches x 28 inches, source jute 34 inches x 21 inches

Working tables
48 inches x 24 inches, 42 inches x 36 inches, 60 inches x 42 inches, 96 inches x 48 inches, 56 inches x 42 inches

Plate heating stand
42 inches x 29 inches

Lockers available for artists
Facility includes a tea corner

Some Works from the Safiuddin Printmaking Studio

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