Subir Nandi

Subir Nandi is a Bangladeshi musician. He was born in Sylhet, Bangladesh on November 30, 1953. He achieved National Film Award for five times. Nandi father was a doctor and medical officer at Teliapara Tea Estate. Subir has nine siblings. All ten of them learnt music from Ustad Babar Ali Khan. He grew up listening to Pankaj Mullick, Kundan Lal Saigal, Sandhya Mukhopadhyay, and Manna Dey. In 1972, Subir recorded his first song, Jodi Keu Dhup Jele Dai, written by Mohammed Muzakker and composed by Ustad Mir Kasem. Nandi musical career started since 1970s. He has given some timeless evergreen hits such as Tumi Je Amar Kobita, Tumi Emoni Jaal Petecho Shongshare, Amar Ei Duti Chokh Pathor To Noi, Ek Je Chilo Sonar Konna, O Amar Ural Ponkhire. His incredible masterpieces in the film Mahanayak (1984) made him overnight legend as well as letted him getting the very first national film award in his career. He again proved himself a praiseworthy singer through Shrabon Megher Din and Megher Opare Megh. He bagged National Film Award both the films. In an interview with BTV he claimed that he had sung already 2000 film songs setting the record of second highest number of songs sung by any male singer only after Andrew Kishore. In 1994 Nandi rendered songs at the House of Commons in United Kingdom. Nandi has many mega hits and everyone remembers whoever heard it till now. From performing on radio to television, film and live at stage, his voice is unparalleled and escaped aging that comes with time. He initiated his career in 1972 with the song jodi keu dhup jele dai. It was composaed by ustad mir kasem and the lyricist was Mohammed muzakker. He then continued singing and cemented his stature as one of the leading playback singers throughout the eighties. He sang tumi je amar kobita, a duet with sabina yasmin which is considered as one of the greatest songs in history. After the song he proceeded smoothly and emerged as the leading playback singer of dhallywood. In 1979, he sang one of the best songs in his career, Din Jaye Kotha Thake, a timeless song from a film with the same title. The lyrics were written by Khan Ataur Rahman. He composed the song. The song is still popular to this day. Subir nandi learnt folk music from bidit lal das. A legendary folk singer of Bangladesh. Subir nandi was member of a musical team named bidit lal das & his team. The team was made in 1972. In that team, there was akramul islam, jamaluddin banna, rakhal chakrabarty, himangshu goswami, himangshu biswas and many others. They used to perform songs in group. They travelled many countries. China, India, USA, UK, Norway…etc. Bidit Lal Das was leader. The group sang sadh er lau banailo more boiragi song in many places. This song was collected by Himangshu Goswami. Then it was incomplete. Ustad Rashbihari Chakrabarty and kobi Giusuddin completed the song. And bidit lal das composed that song. It was famous all over. The music team was famous all over bangladesh. Once Bangabandhu Shiek Mujibur Rahman invited this group to his home. Subir Nandi went there with that team. It was a memorable moment. Slowly Subir Nandi came to limelight. He always respected Bidit Lal Das as his guru, senior artist and a great human being. Subir nandi sang many songs of bidit lal das. Bidit lal das is composer of Morile Kandish Na Amar Day, Kare Dekhabo Moner Dukkho Go, Binodini Go, Sylhet Porthom Azan. Nandi career spans almost four decades. Since the beginning, he has collaborated with most of the music directors of our country. He worked with yesteryear composers such as Alauddin Ali, Prodeep Saha, Satya Saha, Somor Das, Sheikh Saadi Khan, Alam Khan as well as with the new generation youngsters such as Habib Wahid, S. I. Tutul, Bappa Majumdar, Emon Saha, Showkat Ali Emon, Kabir Bokul etc. He has sung duets with all of his contemporary female artists such as Runa Laila, Sabina Yasmin, Ferdousi Rahman, Kanak Chapa, Shahnaz Rahmatullah, Rijia Parveen etc.

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