Sanat Kar

My works play on the deep, dark recesses of the human mind.

Most of Sanat Kar’s works are surrealistic and have a curious dream-like appearance. His paintings hover on the edge of reality without ever actually reaching there and symbolise the mysteries of life to which there are no answers. Born in 1935 at Santiniketan, West Bengal, Kar acquired his diploma in painting from the Government College of Arts and Crafts in Kolkata in 1955. Birth and death, the beginning, and the end of the cycle of life hold endless fascination for Kar. There are layers within layers that emerge on closer perusal. A favourite is the image of the sea. Many of the creatures he draws are amphibious, showing the all-pervading influence of water in our lives. The texture of the material he works with adds to the aura and his detailed penmanship lends credence to the whole. Kar received Kala Vibhushan, 1997; Shiromani Puraskar, Kolkata, 1996; and West Bengal State Lalit Kala Academy Award, Kolkata, 1993, among numerous other awards. Emeritus Professor Sanat Kar passed away on 9 January 2023 at Santiniketan. .


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