Nicola Strippoli Tarshito

Nicola Strippoli Tarshito was born in 1952, in Apulia, Italy. He is an architect, professor and artist, working between the East and the West on Spirituality, Creativity and Tradition.
An outsider to trends and an insider to the flow of inspiration, Tarshito is known to adopt materials and symbols belonging to ancient cultures and traditions into his work. Yet, his art adheres to the present and he wants to contribute to the future of art.
In the eyes of Tarshito, the world has become segregated and devoid of light and harmony. He has worked with various Bangladeshi artisans and produced all of his work for the exhibition locally. Paintings and embroidery of ‘Embroider the World’ represents new worlds that transcend all borders, culture and attempts to convey the feeling of existence on a material level.


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