Nasima J Khan

The landscape of Bangladesh has been the single source of creative inspiration for me, as far back as I can remember. Consequently, my work is the depiction of the Bengal delta, its natural and man-made forms, and the stories of the lives of the people who live on the land and the waters. Drawing and painting are activities that I usually perform with no predetermined thoughts or direction. The composition of land, water, light and lives is transformed into images on canvas and paper, paint and ink, pencil and charcoal.
I think of each work as a song or a poem. The riverine plateau, the flatness of the terrain, the sun drenched brilliant green fields nestled among the cool darkness of the shaded homesteads, the dark clayey edges of the waters turned muddy from heavy rains…all this combine in my mind to form a visual language deeply rooted in the sights, sounds and smells of Bengal. Subsequent travels in the world has served to heighten the sense of uniqueness of this landscape for me, and has further defined the basic patterns and forms within my imagination.
My other great love is Architecture, the art of design and construction of built forms. This extends to a natural curiosity and passion for natural and man-made material and their character. Consequently, my artwork is informed by my architectural interests and vice versa. These two parallel universes combine to create a stage for my artistic work and my built work.
‘Shifting Sands’ is an exploration of the transient nature of the Bangladeshi landscape and its unique combination of land and water.


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