Mustafa Monwar

b. 1935, Jhinaidaha, Bangladesh.


BFA, (1st Class First), Calcutta Government College of Arts and Crafts, Calcutta, India, 1959.


Japan Broadcasting Training Institute, NHK; TV Educational Programme Planning and Production course; BBC London, UK TV Production Technique. NHK, Japan: Senior Management Course.

Major Awards:

Awarded Gold Medal for the best work in Graphic Arts in All India painting Exhibition sponsored by Academy of Fine Arts, Calcutta, India, 1957. Awarded two Gold Medals for the best work in both Oil Colour and Water-Colour painting in all Bengal student Arts Exhibition, sponsored by Calcutta University, India, 1958; TENASINAS Medal 90 (Television drama and drama artist and writer guild) for contribution towards TV drama, 1990; Award given by Bangladesh Charushilpi Sangsad (Bangladesh Arts guild for contribution towards painting for the 1992; Wrishiz Medal 2002 for outstanding contribution towards Fine Arts, 2002; Honouring award from Child Centre for contribution towards Drama Direction and Puppetry making, 2002; Lifetime Achievement honouring award by Daily Muktakantha, Ananda Bhuban and Fantasy Kingdom, 2003; “Ekushe Padak” (Highest State Award for Art and Culture) by Govt. of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh for contribution towards Fine Arts, 2004; Dhaliwood Film and TV Music Awards for excellent TV Direction, Strir Patro – TV drama held in New York, USA, 2004; Special Critic Award by Meril and Daily Prothom Alo, 2003; Star Award, Lifetime achievement (Puppet Art) given by Dhaka Cultural Reporters Association, 2006. Positions held: Managing Director, Bangladesh Film Development Corporation; Director General, Bangladesh Television, Dhaka; Director General, Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy (National Academy for Fine and Performing Arts), Dhaka, Bangladesh; Lecturer, Government College of Fine Arts & Crafts, Dhaka. Present position: Chairman, Janobibhab Unnayan Kendro and Project Director, Educational Puppet Development Centre, Dhaka, Bangladesh.


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