Murtaja Baseer


1949-54: Govt. Institute of Arts (at present Institute of Fine Arts, Dhaka University), Dhaka 1954 : Teachers’ Training Certificate (Art Appreciation) Course at Asutosh Museum, University of Calcutta, India 1956-57 : Academia di Belli- arti, Florence, Italy in Painting & 1957-58 in Fresco 1971-73 : Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux- arts, Paris, France in Mosaic and Academie Goetz, Paris in 1972-73 in Etching and Aquatint One-man shows 2005 : Murtaja Baseer : 55 Years of Artistic Endeavour, Bengal Gallery of Fine Arts , Dhaka 2002 : Recent Paintings, Gallery Shilparag, Dhaka; The Kalima Tayeba, Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy, Dhaka 2000 : The Cantos, Divine Art Gallery, Dhaka 1999 : The Wing and others, Bangladeh Shilpakala Academy, Dhaka 1993 : Self-Portrait 1950-93 & others Drawings, Jojon, Dhaka 1984 : Recent Paintings & Selected Prints, Sheraton Hotel, Dhaka 1979 : Selected works of Thirty years, Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy, Dhaka 1976 : Epitaph for the Martyr’s, Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy, Dhaka 1970 : The Wall, Arts Council of Pakistan, Karachi 1968 : Paintings & Drawings 1954- 67, Arts Ensemble Galleries, Dhaka 1967 : The Wall: Press Club, Dhaka; The Pakistan Art Council, Lahore; Society of Contemporary Art Galleries, Rawalpindi 1963 : Paintings : 1962, Society of Contemporary Art Galleries, Rawalpindi; Exhibition of Paintings, Arts Council of Pakistan, Karachi 1962 : Murtaza Bashir, Pakistan Handicrafts Centre, Rawalpindi; Paintings :1962, The Pakistan Art Council, Lahore 1961 : Recent Paintings, The Pakistan Art Council, Lahore 1960 : Exhibition of Paintings, Drawings & Lithographs, The Pakistan Art Council, Lahore 1959 : Twenty four Paintings, American Friends of the Middle-East, Karachi; Exhibition of Paintings, Press Club, Dhaka 1958 : Pakistani Painter, Galleria La Permanente, Florence, Italy

Major International Exhibition:

1998 : Commonwealth of Art, Kuala Lampur, Malaysia 1986 : 6th Trienmal-India New Delhi, India 1981 : 6th Festival of Asian Art, Hongkong 1980 : Festival: Contemporary Asian Art Show, Asian Art Exhibition Part 2, Fukuoka City, Japan 1979 : 15th Sao-Paulo International Biennale, Brazil 1978 : 4th Triennal-India, New Delhi, India 1972 : 4th International Festival of Arts, Cagnes-sur-Mer, France; 9th Biennale of Menton, France 1970 : RCD Painters, Tehran, Iran 1966 : 5th Tehran (Regional) Biennale, Tehran, Iran 1962 : Commonwealth Art Today, Commonwealth Institute, London, UK Represented Bangladesh in the Exhibition of Contemporary Art of Bangladesh , Kolkata, New Delhi and Mumbai, India (1973); Bonn and Mannheim, Germany (1977); Warsaw, Polland (1977); Hamburg and Dresden , Germany (1978); Sofia, Bulgaria (1982); Kuala Lampur, Malaysia (1985); New Delhi, India (1987); Harare, Zimbawe (1990); Berlin, Germany (1994); Bangladesh Festival of Arts, New Delhi and Kolkata , India (1994) and Asian Art Bangladesh 1981, 1983, 1986 & 2004. Academic activities 2004 : Jury, Eleventh Asian Art Biennale Bangladesh 2001 : Guest Speaker in the 12th Prof. Nazma Jesmin Chowdhury Memorial Lecture, Institute of Modern Languages, Dhaka University 1999 : Guest of the 4th Annual North America Bangla Literature & Culture Convention, Irving, Texas, USA 1998 : Bangladesh government’s representative to the Exhibition of Commonwealth Art, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 1991-94 : Member, Selection Committee, Commonwealth Scholarship & Evaluation Committee of Research of Arts and Humanities at the Bangladesh University Grand Commission (UGC), Dhaka 1995-96 : Study of Terra cotta art on Brick Temples in West Bengal, India, under the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) grant 1996 : Study of ‘Heritage of Art of Bengal’ in Delhi, Benaras and Kolkata, India, under ICCR Orientation Grant 1987 : Research on ‘Heritage of Art of Bengal’ in London under British Council Fellowship Programme 1983 : Jury, Second Asian Art Biennale Bangladesh 1980 : Symposium participant at the Fukuoka Art Museum, Japan, as nominee of the Ministry of Culture, Govt. of Bangladesh 1978 : Study of American Art in the USA under ‘International Visitor Programme’

Published a collection of short stories:

Kancher Pakhir Gan (Songs of a glass bird) in 1969; collection of poems Trasarenu (Dust on the sunbeam) in 1976, Tomakei Sudhu ( Onlu to you) in 1979 and Esho Phire Anusua ( Come back Anusua) in 1985. Published the Bangla novel Ultramarine in 1979; collection of selected works by Murtaja Baseer: Murto-o-Bimurto in 2001; research work: Mudra-o-Shilalipir Aloke Banglar Habshi Sultan-o-Tatkalin Samaj in 2004. Written several articles from 1989 to1993, on the coins of Bengal Sultans of pre-Mughal India which have been published in the Journal of the Numismatic Society of India (JNSI), Benaras University, Varanasi, India; written story and screenplay for Urdu film ‘Carwan’ (Caravan) in 1963; worked as screenplay writer, art director and chief assistant director in Bangla film ‘Nadi-o-Nari’ (Women and Rivers) in 1964; Art director in Urdu film ‘Kaise Kahoon’ (How to say) in 1965.


2003 : Sultan Padak, Narail 1980 : Ekushe Padak, Govt. of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh 1976 : Best Cover Design, National Book Centre, Dhaka 1975 : Academy Award, Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy , Dhaka 1973 Prix National, Festival of Paintings, Cagnes-sur Mer, France Taught in the Department of Fine Arts, University of Chittagong, since 1973 and retired as Professor in July 1998.

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