M A Taher

Freelance Photographer and Photojournalist M.A.Taher was born in Dhaka on September 5, 1962.He graduated from the University of Dhaka in 1986 and did a basic course and optained a Diploma from the Bengal Institute of Photography in 1987.He completed the Intermediate and advance course from the US Board of education of the city of New York in 1995.During the same period he completed a short course on photography at the Nikon School of New York’s Natural History Museum. Taher has worked with many government and nongovernment organizations and has produced for them many calendars,brochures and pictorial documents.He was the Bangladesh correspondent of Holland’s Buddhayana Quaterly,President of friends society,former president of the Leo Club of Dhaka Kamalapur(1984-85) and member of the Azad sporting club.Currently he is the Liaision officer of FIAP(Federation of International Photography) and International Affairs Secretary of Bangladesh Photographic Society Exibitions,Awards and Tours He has organized eleven photographic exibitions in Bangladesh,eight exibitions in USA,UK,Japan,Holland,Thailand,Nepal and India.Nine awards in Bangladesh including two national awards and six international awards.. He travelled many times in USA, UK, Canada, Holland, Belgium, Germany, France, Bahamas, Dubai, Thailand, Nepal, India and some other countries.

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