Jean Dometti

Originally from Grosseto-Prugna in Corsica, he studied art in Paris and in particular at the École normale supérieure of Cachan in Arts and Design. Meanwhile, he created theater costumes and sets. His work develops in the form of drawings, engravings, paintings, volumes, installations and photographs. At the beginning of his career, he made many engravings in size which he drew himself or Robert Frélaut at the Atelier Lacourière-Frélaut. Lucien Curzi, art critic in the catalog dedicated to this artist in 1993, spoke of “Work with Black.” The National Library of France keeps in its collections five prints of this first series. Prize of the young engraving in 1988, he presided the exhibition of “Trait-Graveurs today”, ten years. On this occasion, he organized exhibitions and international exchanges with Ireland and Quebec.

In 1997, the Fesch Museum in Ajaccio did a retrospective of the last ten years of his work which presented a set of drawings, engravings and paintings. His work was presented abroad in 1996 and 2001 at the Taylor Galleries Dublin, Ireland. At the Madeleine Lacerte Gallery in Quebec City in Canada in 2002 and at the Orange Gallery in Montreal in 2006. Bernard Levy, editor-in-chief of the magazine “la vie des Arts” in Quebec, entitled her work “of Intimate and Universal Archeology”. This set was the starting point for all his future endeavors.His personal exhibition in 2004 at the Bengal Foundation in Dhaka, Bangladesh was organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the framework ofRecent works challenge the relationship with drawing, its nature, its meaning, which is questioned by the mediums implemented. From 2009, this unique approach is accompanied by photographs entitled “In Situ” of drawn works, developed and installed in places of memory as at the Cathedral and the Collegiate Church St André de Chartres in 2013, in the old military hospital Valère-Lefèbvre in Raincy or abandoned industrial premises.

His latest works are entitled “Body Agreements”. They consist of shots and volume traces of stagings of related events in symbolic driven body.

Public and private collections (selection) 

  • City of Argenteuil
  • City of Conflans-Sainte-Honorine
  • Semna Nanterre
  • SCP Dolla-Vial Paris
  • Pernod patronage 
  • Mobil society
  • Incentive company for the national industry Paris

Personal exhibitions (selection)

  • Paris 2017 National Industry Incentive Society
  • Medici Gallery Paris .
  • Viaduct of the Arts Paris 2014.
  • Priory St Vincent Chartres 2013.
  • Paris Arts Viaduct 2008.
  • Galerie de l’Imagigraph Paris 2006.
  • Orange Montreal Gallery. Canada 2006.
  • Bengal Gallery of fine arts Dhaka (AFAA) Ministry of Foreign Affairs 2004.
  • Madeleine Lacerte Gallery Québec Canada 2002 .
  • Taylor Galleries Dublin 2001.
  • Media Gallery Paris 2000.
  • Taylor Galleries Dublin1999.
  • Fesch Museum , Ajaccio.Retrospective.1997
  • Anne Blanc Gallery Paris 1992.
  • Saint-André Chartres Collegiate Church 1987.
  • Espace Pierre Cardin Paris 1985.

Collective exhibitions (selection)

  • Presentation of the contemporary art background of the city of Argenteuil as part of Heritage Days 2016.
  • Domfront Sarthe Center 2009.
  • “Leaf Secret” Espace Belleville Paris.2001.  
  • Art and objects Hopstore, Dublin Ireland 1999
  • Taylor Galleries.Dublin 1996 20 .
  • Cultural Center Hamel Bruneau Sainte Foy Quebec Canada1994.
  • Angela Rodeja Gallery Barcelona Spain 1994.
  • Galerie Anderwereld Gröningen Netherlands 1994.
  • Center of Contemporary Art Troyes 1993
  • “50 years of contemporary engravings” Paris 1993
  • Circular Workshop.Galerie Simon Blais Montreal Canada (AFAA Ministry of Foreign Affairs) 1992
  • Musée Eugène Boudin Honfleur 1990
  • «50 contemporary painters» Argenteuil 1990
  • Museum of Print Mexico Mexico 1988
  • Nicolas Sursock Museum Beirut Lebanon 1988
  • Arsenal Museum Zamosz Poland 1988
  • André Malraux Museum of Fine Arts Le Havre 1987
  • Salon and Crau Museum 1987
  • Musée Eugène Boudin Honfleur 1987
  • Museum Fürstürstentum Lüneburg.Germany 1987
  • Galerie Bac Art Studio Venice Italy 1987
  • Collegiate Church of St. Andrew of Chartres “The A of Chartres” 1987
  • Forum of Plastic Arts of Ile de France Les Ulis 1986
  • Institute Berkeley California USA 1986
  • Museum of Saint-Cloud 1986
  • Galerie La Ferronnerie Paris 1986
  • International Exchange Exhibitions of Prints Seoul Korea 1986

Trade fairs and fairs (selection) 

  • Saga .Fiac-Edition (Médiart Gallery)
  • SIAC Strasbourg
  • International Fair of Printmaking
  • Salon the Trait
  • May Fair
  • Exhibition of realities news
  • Mac 2000
  • Great and Young Salon of Today
  • Biennale Prom-Art-Caux
  • International Biennial of Engraving of Sarcelles


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