Summer festivals-1

Seasonal festivals are very much a part of Japanese life. Summer in Japan has a short duration. Nevertheless, the extremely humid and hot summer in times make life almost unbearable and many love to stay outside and enjoy socializing. Summer festivals provide the opportunity of socialization at a time when the weather turns unfavorable. It is during the height of the summer that most of the localities independently celebrate summer festivals where Mikoshi or chariots are carried over along the streets, and food vendors and street sellers hire stalls to     offer food and other items to the gathering crowd. It is a time of pure enjoyment for people of all age groups living in the same locality. While men mostly indulge in drinking, women and children join the festivals for enjoying the fun and also to socialize. Though many wear traditional costumes and light attire, some also stand out for their fashion choices. It’s amazing that in a high-tech society like Japan, the stalls that attract children all sell and display traditional items related to folk culture of long forgotten days.