Stage performances-1

Many of those who visit Japan prefer to see at least one of the old traditional stage performances like Kabuki, Noh, or Bunraku puppet theatre. Stage performances are widespread in Japan and traditional performing arts not only rightfully depict the rich cultural heritage of the country, but also give an idea of the depth of perfection that such performances demand from everyone related to their staging. As a result, it is still quite common in Japan for traditional stage performers to come from a long lineage of theater performers, learning the vocation from early childhood and perfecting the art of acting for a long period under the watchful eyes of skilled family elders.

The photo showing a group of smiling children at the stage is after their performance of a Japanese fairy tale reflecting the deep sense of satisfaction actors always get after a successful stage performance. And in the open air concert in deep winter in snow covered Uonuma in Niigata prefecture, the stage too had been curved from layers of snow.