Motor Show-1

One of the representative symbols of Japanese modernization is its automobile industry that we all are familiar with, as some of its components have already become household names throughout the world. It is quite fascinating to watch how this industry has been evolving in recent years, and the right place to get a better understanding of that evolution is of course the motor show organized once every two years. Tokyo Motor Show is the place where the glittering world of Japanese and overseas automobile industries display all the newly innovated technologies and components used for the comfort of driving and traveling by car. This is primarily the reason that prompted me to choose a set of twelve pictures from the Tokyo Motor Shows from different years to depict the progressive modernization of Japan. These shows are also symbolic of what we call beautiful in the sense that they expose the beauty of cars          side by side with feminine beauty. Models hired for the shows are always willing to pose for the press and this makes the show doubly attractive.