Kyoto at night-1

Kyoto is my favorite city in Japan. It is here in Kyoto that the traditional Japan has been so beautifully preserved, compared to anywhere else. There are numerous temples and shrines all over the city that attract tourists from home and abroad throughout the year. Some of those historic places are designated as precious cultural heritage sites of the world and are thus considered to be must visit tourist destinations. However, in contrast to that worldwide fame, the night time view of the Gion entertainment district is something unique in the sense that the beauty of old Japan along with its lost lifestyle seem to reappear for visitors who venture to that particular part of the city at night.

You even can come across enchanting Geishas in colorful kimonos with white powder covering their faces, walking quietly and hurrying along the narrow lanes of Gion to avoid the eyes of enthusiastic tourists with cameras ready. As for me, I have always been fascinated by the night time view of Japanese pubs and restaurants sprinkled all over Gion. Lights trickling out of traditional Japanese style lattices of bar and restaurants not only create a comforting atmosphere, but also create an added texture to a picture perfect view that anyone with a camera at hand would want to capture. And in the heart of that area stands the famous Yasaka shrine with its majestic gate brilliantly lit in the darkness of the night. The main road to the district takes a T-shape as it hits the gate of the temple and Gion is just around the corner.