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Meghna Ameen

Meghna Ameen (born January 18, 1958) is a Carnatic music lover/promoter/organizer. She was born in Dhaka Bangladesh to an artist family. Her father Ahsanul Ameen was a well known painter and her mother Roushan Ara Ameen is also a very good painter. She earned a Bachelors of Science degree in Mathematics from the University of Dhaka and later an Associate deqree in Accounting & Finance from New England College of Finance in Boston, Massachusetts. She was a teacher in Mathematics (1998 - 2002) in Sunbeams and Sunnydale school in Dhaka Bangladesh. Meghna Ameen started her music life at the age of 6 at Bulbul Lalitka/a Academy and Chayanaut in Dhaka, Bangladesh. She later got private music lessons in Hindustani classical and Nazrul Geeti from Narayan Chandra Bashak, Abdul Wahid and Momtazuddin. In 1994 during her stay in USA she started learning Carnatic music from Mani Bhashyam and Tara Anand and completely devoted herself to learning this music. In 1998 she moved back to Bangladesh and again started to continue learning Carnatic music in 2002 by going to Chennai, India every year. Since then she has been learning from Dr. M. Balamuralikrishna till now. Meghna Ameen founded the first Carnatic music center 'Sarva Sree Foundation' ( in Dhaka, Bangladesh inAuqust 2002 and it was officially inauquratedby her Guru Dr. M. Balamuralikrishna on July 10,2003. Currently she is staying in Iowa City, Iowa and has founded a sister organization ( of 'Sarva Sree Foundation' on September 04, 2008 with the same name and purpose in Iowa City to propagate, promote and preserve the priceless songs of her Guru Dr. M. Balamuralikrishna and other great musicians' all over the world especially in Bangladesh, USA and Canada. Founder President Sarva Sree Foundation