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Eshita Mitra

 (b. 1989, Bangladesh): A Bangladeshi artist who lives and works in Dhaka, Eshita completed her MFA in Printmaking from the University of Dhaka in 2015. Although a student of printmaking, Eshita developed an interest in process-based artistic practice early on in her studies. It his perhaps this interest that led her to quickly branch out into varied media and, notably into collage, assemblage and installation. In the artist's own words, “Every object posits with its own value and ideology ... I myself improve value in respect to traits that attract me ... Every object creates unique type of thought, sense, and dimension ... When I use many objects all together, they lose individual identity and become one object which is completely free from ideology, a new object.”
In addition to participating in two unusual group shows in 2012 with OGCJM, Eshita continues to explore the digital world in general and social media in particular as a platform for meaningful sharing in the arts.
Eshita is the joint-recipient of Bengal Foundation's Subir Choudhury Practice Grant award for 2015. Since leaving university, Eshita has not had access to studio, or workspace in which she can continue to progress. With the grant, Eshita plans to set up a studio-space in which she can recommence working, particularly on her sculptural collages and assemblages of found and ready-made objects and, of course, on her printmaking practice.

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