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Ganesh Haloi Bengal Research Grant 2017

Bengal Foundation is calling for research proposals on visual art of greater Bengal region for the Ganesh Haloi Bengal Research Grant 2017. The Grant of 2 lacs Bangladeshi taka is hosted by Bengal Foundation on behalf of artist and researcher Ganesh Haloi.
The researchers/ writers are requested to submit a research proposal of a maximum of 1000 words on the mentioned topic and submit it by September 15.
The grant aims to encourage artists, critical writers and researchers in developing focused research on art for which they might not find appropriate funding otherwise.
The grant to be attributed once every two years by a specifically appointed jury is intended for small-scale and original projects that can be completed within a 12-month time frame.
Ganesh Haloi, Born in 1936 in Jamalpur, now Bangladesh, moved to Kolkata after the partition. The trauma of the uprooting left its mark on his work as it did on some other painters of his generation. He is one of the few artists whose works represent the essence of the greater Bengal region. His artistic journey include a great deal of research works including study of miniatures at Banasthali (Rajasthan) and research on Ajanta frescoes for six years in the initial days of his career.

Application guideline:
The Grant calls upon proposals exploring a well-defined central question leading to detailed research proposal. The grant is not intended to support doctoral thesis or similar large-scale investigations. The Grant only supports original research projects which have never been published, in all or in their parts;
To be considered, an application should consist of:
• A detailed synopsis of the research project of maximum 1000 words;
• Bio of the researcher (maximum 300 words) including references of previously written research works/ essays (if any) ;
• A detailed budget of the costs incurred by the research project, and a break-down of the expenses made with the amount of the Ganesh Haloi Research Grant; Template
• A detailed 12-month time-line of the research project. Template
• All the documents should be sent to by 12 am of September 15, 2017.

Any adult citizen is eligible to apply. Applicants to the Grant should be the original author(s) of the research project. No third party application is allowed. Research projects led by two or more authors will be considered.

Scope of the Grant
Examples of areas of interest for the Grant are given below:
• History and evolution of art movements
• History and evolution of art institutions
• History and evolution of art exhibitions
• History of visual arts festivals and biennials
• Visual arts and activism
• Visual arts and feminism
• Artists collectives and their history
• Development of artists' run spaces
• Documentation of visual arts
*This list is indicative only, we also encourage projects with other areas of interest.


1. A specifically appointed body of jury consisting of artists and researchers will evaluate the applications

2. The selected research project will take the final form of a written text of a minimum of 7500 words in Bengali or English;

3. In addition to this text, and in order to contribute to the general research on Visual Arts in Bangladesh and its region, the awarded candidate will be asked to entrust the final work to Bengal Foundation with the aim to make them public and available for reproduction.

4. The final work must mention:

• Bibliographies used for the research
• Inventories made during the research
• Translations made into English or Bengali of documents related to the research
• Records or unedited transcript of interviews made for the research
• Time-line and other visual data made during the research and supporting its understanding

5. A representative of the Arts Programme of Bengal Foundation will assist the grantee during the entire period of the grant, and will provide advice and guidance on his/her research project if required.

6. The awarded candidate will participate in a dedicated event which will take the form of an art talk, a lecture or a panel discussion. It will be held at the end of the grant period, with the aim to publicise his/her research project and raise awareness about the grant. The modalities of this event will be commonly agreed between the candidate and Bengal Foundation.

7. The final text and additional research documents will be submitted by the grantee no later than 12 months after the initial disbursement of the grant;