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Ayub Bachchu Passes Away at 56

Bengal Foundation mourns the passing of Ayub Bachchu.

Ayub Bachchu is hailed as an iconic rock artist in Bangladesh. He was a guitarist, vocalist, lyricist, composer, and music director. Bachchu was born in Chittagong, and began his career in music there as a member of the band ‘Feelings’ in 1978. He served as the lead guitarist of the Bangladeshi rock band ‘Souls’ from 1980 to 1990. However, Bachchu formed his own band LRB (Love Runs Blind) in 1991, which was later regarded as one of the most renowned rock bands in the country.

Bachchu, throughout his career, has collaborated with a number of distinguished musicians. He performed live with Richard & Le Gang in France, Miles, Warfaze amongst many others. He served as a Judge for shows like Bangladeshi Idol, IIM Joka 'Rock Fest' in India, Benson and Hedges Star Search for Season 1 and 2, and DRockstar Season 1. Bachchu has also worked as a Music Director for Azam Khan, Niloy Das, Khalid Hasan Milu, Shaikh Ishtiaqe, Nasim Ali Khan, Tapan Chowdhury, Hasan Abedur Reza Jewel, Alam Ara Minu, Rupom, Jholo, and many others.

Ayub Bachchu passed away at his Moghbazar residence in Dhaka on 18 October, 2018.