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Bengal Classical Music Festival 2015

Bengal Classical Music Festival 2015
Presented by Square
Organized by Bengal Foundation

News Collection Guidelines
1. Journalists, photographers or videographers will not be able cover the event without their Press Cards provided by Bengal Foundation. The Card will be supplied by Bengal Foundation in due course before the event commences.
2. To cover this five-day long event, each media organization will be allotted a maximum of four Press Cards, two for journalists and two for photographers. Media personnel are requested to carry their cards when they are on assignment at the event.
3. Once a performer takes the stage, photography/videography is allowed for the FIRST TEN MINUTES only.
4. At the end of the first ten minutes, cameras have to go off. It is imperative that this time limit is respected and we seek the cooperation of media professionals in this regard.
5. A Media Centre will be established on the event grounds as it was last year. Press card holders will be able to charge their mobile phones and laptops at the Media Centre, should they need to do so urgently. Two computers and internet connection will also be available for media professionals.
6. If photographers are unable to capture photos during the first ten minutes of a performance, they may collect official photos from the Media Centre. Media personnel are requested to carry their portable USB storage drives for this purpose. Please note that when official event photographs are used, they must be credited as “Courtesy of Bengal Foundation”.
7. As our broadcast partner, Maasranga Television will record the video of the entire event. Interested media personnel may collect video footage of important moments from the Media Centre. However, if any Television channel broadcasts this footage, they are legally required to credit it as “Courtesy of Maasranga Television”.
8. Official Opening and Closing ceremonies will be held on the first and last days of the event this year. They will take place around 7.30 PM on both days. Every night by 8:30 PM, the official press release for the day, along with the list of performers, description of events and at least two photographs will be ready at the Media Centre. Journalists will be able to collect the press release upon showing their Press Card. It will be particularly helpful if they carry their own USB storage media at this time.
9. Starting on the second day of the event, journalists, upon presenting their Press Card, will be able to collect the detailed description of the previous night’s program from beginning to end and photos at 6 PM -- an hour before the night’s program commences. This will be possible for the remainder of the event, i.e. the third, fourth and fifth nights as well.
10. If interested, journalists will be able to collect the musician line-up for any particular night along with their brief biographies from the Media Centre upon presenting their Press Card.
11. Naturally, the media will be eager to interview the stellar musicians invited to the festival. However, the organizers do not encourage holding any interviews on the event grounds, be it brief or extended. In keeping with the refined ambience of an international standard classical music festival, we urge you not to congregate around the musicians on the event ground in order to take their interview.
12. If a journalist is interested to speak to a performer or an organizer, they must register their interest at the Media Centre. The Media Centre will contact the interviewee on their behalf and inform the interviewer of their consent, and a convenient time and place for the interview.
13. Journalists may also inform the Media Centre of their interest in particular interviewees through phone or email ahead of the event. Just as last year, arrangements will be made for performers to meet and greet the media in the morning/ early afternoon, starting from the day before the inauguration. It may be possible to arrange extended interviews depending on mutual interest of artists and journalists during those hours.
14. If the organizers notice any disruption of the discipline and ambience of the festival in connection with news collection, they may ask media personnel to refrain from collecting news and/or images. We seek your sincere cooperation in ensuring proper decorum.
15. Bengal Foundation is immensely grateful towards the media for their exemplary coverage of the 2012, 2013 and 2014 events that has helped establish this festival as the largest of its kind in the world. We trust that this year will be no exception.
16. This is the only cultural event of such magnitude that is open for all in Bangladesh. Considering that, we hope you will not lose your patience if you feel the imposed rules and regulations are excessive or if you are not happy with the performance of the Media Centre. Please inform us of your opinions at the Media Centre comments book or via email. We will certainly make an effort to mitigate any issues in the upcoming year.


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